Writer’s Group Retreat

I am sitting on the front porch of a rustic log house (a rental “cabin”) at the top of a mountain in Big Sky, Montana. The altitude is 8400 feet. The sun beams, the breeze stirs the trees and mountain bluebirds flit across the meadow. The bluebird call and the soft gurgle of a creek are the only sounds I hear. My mind is clear. Which is a good thing for a writer.  An uncluttered mind invites the subconscious to open its valves and share its priceless contents.

Can you guess? I’m on a writer’s group retreat.

My five fellow writer’s group members (all children’s writers) are deep into their novels inside the cabin–laptops spread across tables and benches, keyboards softly thunking. Most of us have day jobs. We don’t have the luxury of an 8-10 hour writing day. So this annual getaway devoted to writing and critiquing manuscripts is  productive, creative, and a bonding time for our group. We write–morn till night.

And writing isn’t the only creative activity we share. Everyone brings a cooler stuffed with ingredients for the common good–Let me tell you about the food! Oh, yeah.


About Sandra Brug Children's Author

Children's writer, poet, and children's librarian.
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4 Responses to Writer’s Group Retreat

  1. Wish I was there with you, Sandra! Hope your words flow!

  2. Janet Fox says:

    We had the best time – and so productive – I loved every minute of it, especially the people!!

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